The ONLY Factor Between Successful People VS Not-Yet-Successful People

So last night while hanging out with my friends we watched Dragon’s Den. If you have never heard of it it’s basically a show where people bring their business ideas to a panel of angel investors in hopes to get some funding for their business. They all have to go through some pretty tough but fair questions and sometimes things can get pretty awkward pretty fast.

The “dragons”

Throughout the show I realise that 80% of the pitches failed at this question:

“Have you made any sales yet with this product?”

Then comes the awkward silence and a shaky “no…….. because we first need investors”. And you know at that moment the pitch has completely fell apart.

I am by no means a successful entrepreneur, but after months of doing business by myself I learned this: You don’t make sales by having investors, you make sales by actually going out and making sales. The only difference between someone who succeed and someone who hasn’t yet (I never say people are unsuccessful; Rather, I say they are not-yet-successful) is Speed of Implementation.



Remember: “Ideas are cheap, execution is key”, a phrase my old boss always say to me when I was working in Hong Kong. I take it by heart every time I do something. Look at ideas like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. They aren’t new, they just executed better than all the rest.



So I’ll leave you with a saying from my grade 9 teachers, a saying that changed my life forever and made me understand how to get A in every subject. He told me after I failed my first exam: “Jacky, you don’t have to do everything today, but you have to do something everyday”.

Ask yourself, do YOU have an idea you wish to try out but so far has just been all talks? Have YOU been honest with yourself on whether you are making excuses or not? Have YOU done something today?



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