Ask yourself : Can I Control This?

I remember once when I was in High school during a final exam a student’s work suddenly disappeared due to a bug in the program. Having classes to follow right after, this means the student will have to come back after school to redo the exam. My teacher has to make up another set of questions AND stay after on a Friday. Remembering that he tells us he plays hockey every Friday this means he will have to cancel his game as well.


Later next week when I was chatting with my teacher I said he must be ticked off at what happened last week, I mean, I would be really annoyed. But to my surprise he replied cool, calm, and collected: “Nah, it’s fine, it’s dumb to get mad at things you cannot control”.

That reply-, no, that attitude, has stuck in my mind ever since.

How many times have we gotten annoyed and angry over things we simply cannot control?


Someone has told me once that “your brain is no more than a giant muscle, it has NO feelings. You are the one that give it feelings, it just takes whatever you decide to feel and make it true”… Then isn’t it stupid we choose to be angry over things we can’t even control? I don’t mean it’s stupid to feel negative emotions, after all most of the times we cannot control this. But what we can control is how we decide to act afterward.

We can choose to continue to be pissed off and throw a tantrum at ourselves or at others..

OR, we can choose to cast our annoyance aside and look for a solution.

So my question to you is… are you still getting angry over uncontrollable things or have you started looking for solution?


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